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Ear Molding NJ is our website dedicated to providing ear molding for our infants in the New Jersey area. Our ear molding team has performed over 1500 non surgical ear molding correction procedures in the New Jersey and New York regions. We have been doing ear molding for over 10 years and our experience will be used to give your baby the absolute best looking ears possible.

What are ear deformities?

When the babies are in the womb, low positioning or compression may cause the ears the get deformed given how soft the cartilage is at this moment. Ears may appear squished or constricted or even prominent and sticking out from the head.

Ear deformities come in a wide variety of shapes and severities. Some may be so mild at first, that only a well-trained eye can spot it. Others are so apparent that they are difficult to not notice and can obviously be a source of teasing one day. Non-surgical ear molding can benefit patients with any and all ear deformities, provided treatment is initiated early.

How long do we have until
we need to start ear molding?

The plasticity (moldability) of our ear cartilage is very high when we are born, and it decreases rapidly until plasticity is pretty much completely lost by the age of 4-6 months. It is for this reason that any concerns about your baby’s ear shape should be brought to our team’s attention as soon as possible.

Early initiation of ear molding is ideal for 3 main reasons:

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